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Transform your DVDs into portable MP4 video files complete with subtitles
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Be it because you’d like to have a backup copy of your favorite DVD movies or simply because you prefer to enjoy them in one of your MP4-compatible portable devices, All Free DVD to MP4 Converter is an obvious choice when it comes to finding a cost-free solution to rip, copy, or convert your DVD discs and folders into MP4 in a flexible and efficient way. Besides, you can also download and convert online videos with this tool and extract their audio track, and include the original subtitles in the portable version, if you wish.

For a free tool, All Free DVD to MP4 Converter offers you much more than many other commercial products that I’ve had the chance to review. It is amazing that such a comprehensive tool is available to you and me at no cost at all, as this is not just a DVD to MP4 converter, it is a complete DVD ripping tool (complete with filters and basic editing features) and a video downloader, too. True, some of the functions it offers are somehow limited, such as the choice of video and audio codecs and of the resulting video container. But those limitations do not detract from the fact that this is a free software solution, it works like a charm, and produces the expected results.

Having said that, it’d be great if this otherwise excellent tool would allow you to apply different output settings to each video on the conversion list, but that’s probably asking too much from its generous developers, knowing that only a few of the many paid alternatives available include that feature.

As mentioned above, the program offers you various input options – a DVD disc, a DVD folder stored anywhere on your computer, and any video file sitting on your PC or grabbed via its built-in video downloader. You can then apply to all those files any of the video profiles available or make your own choice of codec, output quality, etc. You can choose which chapters or sections will go into the final MP4 file, and even rotate, crop, change the volume, and even deinterlace the video file before conversion.

You won’t easily find many free tools with a level of versatility and flexibility similar to the one that All Free DVD to MP4 Converter offers. As downloading, installing, and checking out this tool won’t cost you anything, I can’t but recommend you to give it a try – you’ll surely be surprised (in a good way).

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a video downloader
  • Offers DVD ripping capabilities with chapter selection
  • Can add the original subtitles to the resulting MP4 file
  • Offers filters and basic editing features


  • The conversion settings selected apply to all the videos on the list
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